Pig-pourri: Fed Cup Draws

A look at the draws for this weekend’s Fed Cup matches as announced earlier today. Keep in mind that the coaches here can substitute players still beginning with the 3rd singles rubber as long as they notify the referee within the guidelines established. That means you could see some changes depending on the outcomes of the first two singles rubbers in each of these. Per these announced draws though, here’s a revised viewpoint on each match-up compared to The Pig’s initial thoughts.

Canada v Czech Republic
Rubber 1: Abanda v Pliskova
Rubber 2: Dabrowski v Smitkova
Rubber 3: Dabrowski v  Pliskova
Rubber 4:  Abanda v  Smitkova
Doubles rubber: Dabrowski/Fichman v Allertova/Hradecka
MAGIC 8-BALL:I’m surprised to say the least that Canada is trotting out the inexperienced teenager to play the opening singles rubber. Obviously if she pulls a shocker, then it’s all bets off on the outcome of this one. Still, I thought Fichman’s experience was going to be utilized in singles. It still could be on Day 2, but at that point the Canadians have to hope it still matters. I still think the Czechs win this, but could still be in for a tricky affair. 3-2.

Germany v. Australia
Rubber 1: Kerber v. Gajdisova
Rubber 2: Petkovic v. Stosur
Rubber 3: Kerber v. Stosur
Rubber 4: Petkovic v. Gajdisova
Doubles rubber: Goerges/Lisicki v. Stosur/Dellacqua
MAGIC 8-BALL: All signs point to me still liking Australia’s chances to pull an upset. No major surprises here. The Aussies made the right call in my opinion with Gajdisova over Dellacqua in singles. I think the only swap you might see for singles on Day 2 would be Goerges in for Kerber as Goerges owns that 3-1 mark v. Stosur. It will really depend on what happens with the two opening rubbers. I also think the Germans could alter that doubles lineup if the 5th rubber matters. Still believe Australia shocks here, 3-2.

Poland v. Russia
Rubber 1: A.Radwanska v. Kuznetsova
Rubber 2: U.Radwanska v. Sharapova
Rubber 3: A.Radwanska v. Sharapova
Rubber 4:  U.Radwanska v. Kuznetsova
Doubles rubber: Jans-Ignacik/Rosolska v. Pavlyuchenkova/Diatchenko
MAGIC 8-BALL: No surprises here and no surprises that I’m sticking with Russia in this one. if Aga can get that opening rubber, it will at least make this interesting. Russia, 3-2.

Italy v. France
Rubber 1: Errani v. Garcia
Rubber 2: Giorgi v. Cornet
Rubber 3: Errani v. Cornet
Rubber 4: Giorgi v. Garcia
Doubles rubber: Vinci/Knapp v. Mladenovic/Parmentier
MAGIC 8-BALL: The Italians choose Giorgi for singles over Vinci, not really a bad choice in-all. I still favor the Italians slightly here and you’ll always have the option to go with the top doubles tandem of Errani-Vinci in the finale if needed. I’ll go Italy 3-1 with the 5th rubber being of no consequence.

Argentina v. USA
Rubber 1: Ormachea v. Venus
Rubber 2: Irigoyen v. Serena
Rubber 3: Oremachea v. Serena
Rubber 4: Irigoyen v. Venus
Doubles rubber: Bua/Podoroska v. Vandeweghe/Townsend
MAGIC 8-BALL: If the Americans take care of busienss as expected, the only real change here could be allowing Vandeweghe or Townsend to take the court in a singles rubber if the USA sweeps through the first three matches. I’ll stick with USA 4-0.

Romania v. Spain
Rubber 1: Halep v. Soler-Espinosa
Rubber 2: Begu v. Muguruza
Rubber 3: Haelp v. Muguruza
Rubber 4:  Begu v. Soler-Espinosa
Doubles rubber: Niculescu/Dulgheru v. Arruabarrena/Medina-Garrigues
MAGIC 8-BALL: The pivotal rubber remains #3 with Halep and Muguruza. I think the winner there will likely put their team up 2-1 and then it’s anyone’s tie from there. Begu could be an X-factor to spoil all of that if she can beat Muguruza in the 2nd rubber. That would be an early nail in the Spanish coffin. Really tough to pick a winner in this one as it could come down to the doubles rubber. Give the home side a small, small advantage of 3-2, but I will not be surprised if Spain wins this.


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